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June 23, 2019

Bible Text: 1 Timothy 1:1-7 |


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Questions for Small Group Discussion:

  1. Pastor Jeff led by stating, "Our church is established by Jesus". What does it mean to be "established". Where does you see evidence for this claim in 1 Timothy 1:1-7?
  2. What is doctrine? Why was teaching correct doctrine so important to Paul? Why was he giving this instruction to Timothy?
  3. What are some non-biblical or extra-biblical doctrines you have been exposed to? How did they effect you and your understanding of God and His Word?
  4. What is the remedy for false-doctrine? How do we combat false-teaching? Pastor Jeff suggested it was a loving thing to confront false-doctrine. Why is this a loving thing?
  5. Look at verse five and read it aloud. What is a 'charge"? What does a "pure heart", "good conscience" and "sincere faith" look like practically? How do we foster these qualities in our lives?
  6. Zone in on verse six. What do you think Paul is meaning when he says "vain discussion"? Why do you think he used the verb, "swerve"?
  7. In your breakout groups discuss the charge Paul has given to Timothy and to us, the church. If our aim is love, what are some specific things that need to change in you to become a more loving person? What is your plan to seek change in these areas. Pray with one another and hold each other accountable.